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"Dive Bombers"

2008-05-25 15:48:11 (last modified: 2008-06-03 17:16:21)[Comment]
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We where four divers from my club (Sportsdykkerklubben Aquarius) that had decided to pay "Kanonvraget ved Saltholm" (the cannonwreck at Saltholm) aka Charlotte Amalie a visit. The ride in our RIB was uneventful, although a bit bouncy because of some choppy waves, that died down as soon as we had anchored to the mooring buoy somebody had placed on the wreck.

The first team to dive reported a slow current running over the wreck and around 10 meters of visibility, which in Øresund, in the summertime, is very good.

My buddy and I proceeded to have a very nice and relaxing dive looking at all the old cast iron cannons. Unfortunately at the end of our dive we were greeted by a clusterf**k of divers that had just been dropped off by a RIB from Amager Dykkercenter. They totaly messed up the bottom reducing the visibility to less the one meter. To make matters worse one of the "divebombers" decided that it would be a good idea to let go of the upline more than halfway to the surface. She then started to slowly drift away from the wreck. Only a quick response from me and my buddy got her back on the upline.

At our safety stop all we could do was to look on in wonder at how this group of divers proceeded to bounce around on the wreck, destroying every trace visibility in the process.

When I ask the driver of the other RIB if it was an instructor with students, because of the f**kup way they behaved, the only reply I got was that they where qualified divers. His attitude was that my buddies and I where to stop asking questions and that he knew what he was doing (which he obviously was not).

While we where waiting for the other divers and their underwater blizzard to go away, one of the other divers suddenly appeared some 30-40 meters from the upline, not even looking around, or in any way signaling to his boat he started down again.

10 minutes later the "dive bombers" started appearing up at the upline. When I told the diver that we helped back to the upline, that one never leaves the upline until one is on the wreck all I got back was a blank and dazed look. The funny thing was that when asked them how their dive had been they all complained that the visibility had been bad, and that they couldn't see anything - NO GUESSING WHY.

After the RIB had left we then proceeded with another dive and was again greeted with good visibility, around the 10 meter mark, but this time every surface on Laminaria algea had a fine coating of sediment and below the thermo/halocline the viz. was very bad.

More pictures from "Kanonvraget ved Saltholm".
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