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This is the accident report from a german diving instructor who participated in the rescue attempt.

Dive-Accident Gl. Aalbo 2007-07-09

A fishermen was coming around 10:30 and told us that a diver is shouting for help. So we started to activate the rescue-chain immedeately. The owner of the campingground activates the falck-rescue by 112 and I was running to the beach with oxygen.

Coming there, one diver was lying unconcious and non-breathing at the beach, so we started the reanimation. After about 20 min. the medicals approached at the beach with an AED, but found no life signal. They told us to stop after another few minutes.

These are the facts:

After we couldn´t do anymore, we start to investigate the equipment and talked to the buddies. They were coming that morning from Rendsburg to Gl. Aalbo to dive. They went diving in a group of 3, (two of them **-divers, the victim was *-Diver). The divetime was 37 min. - max. Depth about 40 m. As they told us there was current between the surface and 20 m. Two divers were connected during the dive with a "buddy-rope", but however and whyever, the victim took of the "buddy-rope" and surfaced alone. So the three diver separated and made their surfacing alone (?). At first they told us they were together until 6 meter, later until 15 m.

Then the victim surfaced and shout for help - standing in a waterdepth of about 1,5 meters, but falls in the water again and again. Three young divers (13-14 years old) were close to the victim and carried him to the beach. Here we took him to start reanimation.

The equipment was excellent for cold water diving. All three had dry-suits and could-water-regulators. They victim was diving with a double-7-litre-tank and a 2 litre spare-air bottle. At the double tank were two regulators and a fini, the spare air-bottle had one regulator and one fini.

As we inspected the equipment the double tank was totally empty (0 bar on the fini; the 1st stage was slightly loose by the missing pressure). The spare air bottle had a pressure of 170 bar - but was not correctly opened!!! It was only 1 or 1,5 turs open. One end of the buddy-rope was still connected at the bcd of the victim. And when I cut of the dry suit I recognized a smal hole in the suit of the victim in the stomach-area. It seems to be a cut but I don´t know - maybe it happend during the rescue. There were no injuries at the body.

Now it is spectaculative what happened:

Maybe the diver runs out of air after his buddies left him alone in whatever depth. He changed for his spare-air but couldn´t get enough air because of the unsufficient opening of the tank. He started an emergency accent maybe by holding his breath. He suffered an arteriell gas-embolie and died (drowning?). Signs herefore were the lost of balance when the victim surfaced, difficulties to breath at him.

It was a very strange experience to try to reanimate a body and fight fo a live - until the medicals were coming to tell you to stop...

A good thing - if there was something positive - is the fast and exellent help of many people who had got very good rescue training. After a few minutes we had 4 or 5 oxygen-cases at the beach and enough people to know what to do.

But there are some questions unanswered:

Hope this was an one-time experience for me and everyone surround me.

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