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AquaLight 9
AquaLight 9

This is my first attempt at creating a divelight. A design created by Ole Martin inspired me to create this dive light.

The light is powered by a custom build 9Ah 12V NiMH batterypack. This pack drives a Osram Decostar IRC 50 W 10° halogen bulb.



The designs for DiveLight is licensed under the Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

This means that you are allowed to use it to create your own personal divelight.

If you make any changes to the design, and distribute the changes, you are required to make them avaliable under the same license or similar licence..

Commercial use of these drawings are prohibited.


These drawings represent how the next version of the AquaLight 9 is going to look.Dive Light

The main differences between the current version and the new is the addition of the shroud at the front of the lighehead, and the use of a magnetic switch instead of the "old school" rubberboot covered switch.

Wiring diagram

The wiring diagram is quite simple, a MOSFET triggered by a reed switch. I choose this design because it removes the most vunerable part of at canister light - the rubber switch boot.


Bill of materials - almost complete, it's just missing a few parts.


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Prototype Images

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STEP Files

In response to an inquiry I have released my models of the Nielsen Latch as STEP files so that others may benefit from them.

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